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Cross Border Digital Marketing in Russia and Around

Nimax Media helps brands and companies set up digital marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other post-Soviet countries.

Who We Are

Nimax Media is a division of Nimax Agency, one of the leading digital service providers in Russia.

We specialize in digital strategy, SEO, PPC campaigns, SMM and analytics. Our team can cover everything you need to start attracting clients and partners or increase brand awareness in the Russian-speaking markets via digital media.

We Can Help You To:
  • Evaluate your prospects in the Russian-speaking markets and decide whether or not do business there.
  • Attract Russian customers to SAAS, apps, and other digital services.
  • Start selling goods directly in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.
  • Attract Russian customers abroad.
  • Start selling goods or services via local distributors (you’ll need strong brand awareness for that).
  • Open production site in Russia and do marketing within the country.
What We Do
We offer a variety of services from brief consulting sessions to campaign planning and execution.
  • Strategy
    & Research
  • Localization
  • Digital
  • Analytics
  • Quick Reality CheckSWOT analysis, brainstorming and recommendations on whether it will be possible to promote and sell you product in Russia via digital marketing channels.
  • ResearchOur digital research reports provide a detailed picture of customer preferences, competition and advertising opportunities.
  • Digital StrategyA full-scale plan for your digital presence in Russia: target audiences, customer decision journey, digital touch points and a media plan to cover them all.
  • General Business HelpEntering Russian market, you’ll need local partners, distributors, customs brokers, logistics etc. We’ll help you find the best services available.
  • Campaign LocalizationDid you know ‘Sanyo’ means ‘piss’ in Russian? No wonder they have been acquired by Panasonic. We can simply redraw your banners or plan a new campaign from scratch.
  • Site or App LocalizationYou’ll need to adapt your site, app or other platform to the local customers’ taste. Our team of copywriters, UI/UX specialists, and programmers got you covered.
  • PPC CampaignsOur partnerships with Yandex, Google, Vkontakte, Mail.ru and other major networks allow us to quickly roll out PPC campaigns of any scale.
  • SEO ServicesThe specifics of Russian search engines along with language difficulties call for a local team to develop and implement an SEO strategy. We offer 10 years of expertise.
  • Customer Acquisition for E-commerceWe will help you find customers using all digital tools available: search, social, display, listings and marketplaces, mobile, retargeting, etc. We optimize for maximum LTV.
  • Social Media MarketingWe’ll help you connect with the Russian audience on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.
  • Content Marketing Content will reign for years to come, shifting from text to infographics to video to VR. We can lay out a content strategy for you and produce every piece of content you’ll need.
  • Digital AnalyticsThere are important Russian tools for digital analytics, above all Yandex Metrika. We’ll help integrate Metrika into your analytics workflow.
  • Campaign AuditsIf you’re already running digital campaigns in Russian-speaking countries but have a feeling that they are underperforming, you can bring us in for a second opinion.
What Our Clients Say
We’ve worked with major retail chains, banks, media, industrial and IT companies, nonprofits (e.g. Condé Nast Russia, Canon Russia, Mail.ru Group, TNT TV channel, British Council).
With the Nimax team you can be sure everything will be thoroughly explained and methodically executed.
Alexandra Zorina, Condé Nast
Digital, Moscow, Russia
Thanks to PPC automation implemented by Nimax, our cost per acquisition felt down dramatically.
Vladimir Dorokhin, Dikom Metal
Furniture, St. Petersburg, Russia
New Business: Innokenty Nesterenko, info@nimax.ru